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Shatta Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign by currently the most sought after Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale. The objective is to aid in developing the socio - human capital of Ghana by improving quality of lives of the Ghanaian youth through appropriate and sustainable social interventions in identified areas. As a unit, it aims at having a broad community impact to support the national development agenda.

The aim of the foundation is to be achieved through numerous social interventions In the areas of:
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Human capital development Capacity building
  • Skill development


  • A research by the Institute of Africa Media Monitoring Intelligence and Advocacy, highlighted the declining standard of education in Ghana at the pre-tertiary stage.
  • There is therefore a need for a pragmatic approach in ensuring that the issue is tackled from the core.

Education – Intervention

    Under the Foundation, four projects have been launched

  • Welcome Back To School Campaign
  • This is a campaign to welcome students back to school and keep the in school and also, to remind them of the reason for being in school. As part of this campaign, there are donations of educational materials (exercise books, pens, rule, erasers, etc.) to students in selected schools across the country. An estimated number of over 100,000 students have benefit from this initiative nationwide.

  • Reading Clinics
  • A campaign geared at sensitizing the younger generation on the essence of education and instill in them a reading culture which will go a long way to enhance their interest in learning. This is to be achieved through a series of exciting Reading Clinics in selected schools and communities across Ghana.


  • Community Talk Sessions
  • This is an outreach programme in selected communities where Shatta Wale together with other resource persons (successful indigenes from those communities) will speak to young people about need to make education a priority.

  • Mentorship Campaign
  • As a follow up to the community outreach programs, the resource persons and other identified persons (preferably residents in the community) will be tasked to serve as mentors to some of the students. They will be required to give them general and career guidance in order to achieve their desired targets in life. In addition, there will be close monitoring of the progress of the project by both the mentors and Shatta Movement coordinators for Shatta Foundation.

Health – Intervention

    Initiatives under this area will include but not limited to

  • Periodic medical screening
  • Partnership with pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs to underprivileged persons
  • Solicit for medical equipment to donate to health facilities across the country
  • Settlement of hospital bills for selected patients

Human Capital Development – Intervention

    Initiatives under this area will include but not limited to

  • Creating capacity building platforms
  • Developing skills development modules
  • Organizing vocational training programmes and workshops
  • Providing loans/grants as seed capital/funding for selected entrepreneurs
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Proposed Partners

  • Ministry of Business Development

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Health

  • Ghana Football Association

  • British Council

  • MTN Ghana

  • Vodafone Ghana

  • Airtel Tigo

shatta foundation
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Founder & CEO

Mr. Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, actor and CEO of Shatta Movement Empire and Damaka Group of Companies.

" A.K.A Shatta Wale - The African Dancehall King "

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Ghana’s Water & Sanitation Crisis Capacity building & skills development

  • In Ghana, more than five million people rely on surface water to meet their daily water needs, leaving them vulnerable to water-related illness and disease.
  • Many households without access to safely managed water and sanitation services
  • And, 81% of Ghanaians lack access to improved sanitation or are entirely without toilet facilities, etc.
  • The lack of relevant skills causes unemployment and underemployment due to a mismatch between skills acquired (supply) and skills required (demand).

Shatta Foundation’s Intervention

  • Research has shown that people lack the upfront funds needed to have access to potable and safe drinking water
  • For this reason, Shatta Foundation has a target to provide 10,000 households with potable water through
  • Connections to piped water
  • Boreholes fitted with hand pumps
  • Dug-wells/ponds/dugouts
  • Impoundments from dams
  • Invest in rainwater harvesting from roofs
  • We will be creating platforms to build the add value to people through;
  • Capacity building
  • Skills development
  • Creation of social enerprises
  • Business development

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